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Lesbian mental health On an even more positive note, two large-scale studies of lesbians and bisexual women report good news about lesbians' mental health, particularly if the women are "out." In a study that used sisters as a control group in research on lesbians, University of Vermont psychologists Esther D. 1), compared mental health and lifestyle factors in 184 pairs of lesbian and heterosexual sisters, 44 pairs of bisexual and heterosexual sisters, 29 pairs of lesbian and bisexual sisters, 18 pairs of bisexual sisters and 11 pairs of heterosexual sisters.Rothblum, Ph D, and Rhonda Factor, Ph D, find that lesbians are as likely to report being mentally healthy as their heterosexual sisters and to report higher self-esteem. The authors recruited lesbian and bisexual female participants through ads placed in LGB periodicals, but labeled the study as one of sisters rather than of lesbian mental health.That again points to the need for tailored mental health treatment, in particular therapy that includes ongoing discussion of how discriminatory experiences may affect stress levels, they note.The findings are reported in the November issue of the points to a possible cause of seemingly higher rates of suicide among LGB and transgendered (LGBT) youth: discrepancies between what gay youth report about suicide attempts and what they're actually doing. Savin-Williams, Ph D, reports on two studies that conclude that even though sexual-minority teens are more likely than heterosexual youth to report suicide attempts, half of those reports are false--that is, the young people had thought about suicide but hadn't acted on it.

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As a consequence, the lesbian sisters may be more likely to join supportive communities that allow them to bolster their self-worth, the authors hypothesize.The authors found strong evidence of a relationship between the two.Again using data from one of the large public health surveys, the team compared how 74 LGB and 2,844 heterosexual respondents rated lifetime and daily experiences with discrimination.These findings held true for a range of racial and ethnic subsamples including African-American, white European, Latina, Asian-American, Native American and Jewish women.The study--conducted by Rothblum, Jessica Morris, Ph D, a private practitioner in Northampton, Mass., and Craig R. Ok Cupid shows off who you really are, and helps you connect with lesbian singles you’ll click with.Meet people as individual as you are so you can go on better dates right now.In addition, Savin-Williams found, many of the true attempts the young people reported weren't life-threatening."When you ask in-depth questions about suicide attempts, the responses you get account for the rate differences between heterosexual and sexual minority youth suicide," Savin-Williams says.Researchers say these studies demonstrate the need for better, more tailored psychological treatment for lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people.Population-based studies Several large population-based public health studies are discussed in the November (Vol. 11) by Susan Cochran, Ph D, an epidemiologist in the University of California, Los Angeles School of Public Health, who authored or co-authored many of the studies.


  1. Higher rates of depression, anxiety disorder, substance use in lesbian and gay. New data on lesbian, gay and bisexual mental health. Print version page 46. Institute--is the largest on lesbian mental health to date and is one of the only to.

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