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There was like nobody registered on here despite a lot of accounts as it’s all paid and the ones that were basically cult like evangelical extremists with the most racist ideas about life.

This one girl I talked to was absolutely nuts off her rocker and was borderline suicidal of which she admitted to.

I talked to a ton of women but of any quality are the ones I exchanged numbers with.

The above is a result of 157 phone numbers from different sites.

If you’re a busy professional like I am then you know what I’m talking about.

You might even feel so desensitized after a while that you take pictures of the date for your phone profiles to remember people by if you haven’t talked for a bit as people are often away travelling etc in professional circles of life.

: Honestly, a pretty cool site with a lot of potential.

That Doctor on the advertisement much of got it in BS because the site sucks for their matching algorithm.

I’ve never talked to anyone that had a good experience from it really.

This is after talking online on the dating sites through their chat medium. So I’ve been doing this whole online dating thing for like forever now but this was done over the past few years since I’ve felt like dating again.

After the last one I was a little jaded at first so I gave myself lots of time before I jumped back into it.


  1. Jul 9, 2015. Here is my Canadian Dating site comparison and review. eventually after abandoning their account and maybe an alternative way for them.

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