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The slogan simply reads: “Some things can’t be covered – fighting women’s abuse together.” The campaign is backed by the King Khalid Charitable Foundation and aims to “provide legal protection for women and children from abuse in Saudi Arabia.” In literature for the advert, it admits “the phenomenon of battered women in Saudi Arabia is much greater than apparent”, and encourages Saudis to report cases of violence at locations around the Kingdom including Madinah, Najran, Makkah and Riyadh.

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The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) is the voice of victims and survivors.Each leader in our global network believes in mentoring the rising generation and shares her knowledge, experience and influence with others.About Voices Against Violence: The Global Gender-Based Violence Initiative A public-private partnership led by a Consortium, including Vital Voices, Promundo, IOM and the Global Fund for Women, and funded with support from the Department of State and the Avon Foundation.The three-day long event agenda includes – In bringing the Belfast event to fruition, the Vital Voices Global Partnership has been supported on the ground by the Belfast Area Domestic and Sexual Violence Partnership which comprises of the agencies, organisations and groups working locally in improving services and support for victims of domestic violence and abuse.Welcoming the Justice Institute to Belfast, Detective Superintendent Ryan Henderson from the Police Service for Northern Ireland, said: “Domestic abuse is real and present across Northern Ireland.We partner with women who demonstrate leadership that unites and inspires people.They exhibit visionary thinking and take risks to innovate.In November 2012 it emerged women were being electronically monitored with authorities using SMS to track them and inform their husbands of their whereabouts.It was only in 2011 that women were given the right to vote and run for office in municipal elections in 2015.They strengthen laws, create jobs and defend political freedoms.Our investment in one leader impacts hundreds and thousands more.


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