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Taymor's biggest misstep is the conceit that permits her to deconstruct and mock the original Marvel mythos: She frames the story as a Ritalin-addled free-association by a group of teens called the "Geek Chorus" (yes, that is the level of wit here). Arachne has an implicit connection to the genetically modified (not radioactive) spider that bites Peter Parker (Carney); Arachne gives Peter his iconic red-and-blue tights; and, naturally, she falls for her creation.

One geek-girl interrupts her male buddies' chatter with the Greek myth of Arachne (T. In other words, Taymor turns the story of a dorky teen who becomes the city's most beloved masked crime fighter into a parable about a misunderstood female artist who must sacrifice her love for the sake of society. This cornball-feminist spin essentially makes ) Playing around with continuity is fine; Marvel's writers, artists and screenwriters do it all the time.

Videos i-z if/then jennifer damiano, aaron tveit, adam chanler-berat, louis hobson note: second preview matthew james thomas, patina miller.

pushed back its opening night to June 15 in order to make changes to the production and missed the eligibility cut-off date for this year’s awards.

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Peter is a personality-free nerd who becomes a superpowered cipher and Mary Jane Watson (Jennifer Damiano) is just a weak, passive girl who wants to be a musical-theater actor.

One of the saddest things about in fact, is how dehumanized and humorless the whole affair feels.

One thinks of the goofy but cheerful insults that the web-slinger usually lobs at his enemies in the middle of huge fights; there's an attempt to inject one-liners here and there, but they don't land or prompt a giggle.

at The Hudson Theatre on September..." class="srp-asset-image" src="https://media.gettyimages.com/photos/reeve-carney-and-jennifer-damiano-of-the-spiderman-turn-off-the-dark-picture-id103967037?

seems to have been said: in magazines, tweets, blog posts and Facebook threads; in lobbies during intermission; around the water cooler; in late-night-TV monologues and radio reports; and between folks who have seen it and those who have not (but act like they have). Yes, the naive, elliptical interrogative that keeps hope alive in the breast of comix fans and theater folk alike.


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