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Bose recognized early on that shorter wavelengths would make it easier to explore the properties of radio waves that were similar to light, like reflection, refraction, and polarization.

To do so, he invented almost all the basic components of microwave systems – waveguides, polarizers, horn antennas, dielectric lenses, parabolic reflectors, and attenuators.

HARDWAREThe Gist: PC-enabled Tabletop Radio9I'm sitting in Fanwood, New Jersey, a Bose Wave/PC Interactive Audio System beside me playing Danubius, a top 40 station in Budapest.

No, the tabletop radio doesn't have a mile-high antenna - it's picking up the signal from the Internet via a cable to my computer.

But another conflict was brewing at the turn of 19th century, this time between an Indian polymath and an Italian nobleman, and it would determine who got credit for laying the foundations for the key technology of the 20th century – radio.

In 1885, a 27-year old Jagadish Chandra Bose returned to his native India from England, where he had been studying natural science at Cambridge.

It also downloads artist and track info from Gracenote's online database.

I can manage the Wave/PC's basic functions from its business card-sized remote, but the PC interface lets me do more.

First, it took place two years before Marconi’s first public demonstrations of wireless telegraphy in England.The screens include basic controls, six user presets, a panel showing the current selection, and a sortable index of all available tracks or stations.There are a few ways to add frequencies to my preset list, but drag-and-drop is easiest.Where Marconi was keenly interested in commercializing radio, Bose’s interest was purely academic; in fact, Bose flatly refused to patent nearly all of the inventions that would spring from his tiny workshop, on the principle that ideas should be shared freely.The 1895 demonstration also used microwave signals instead of the low and medium frequency waves that Marconi and others were working with.One did not refuse a viceroy’s request, and despite protests by the college administration, Bose was appointed professor of physics.Sadly, the administration found ways to even the score, chiefly by not providing Bose with any laboratory space, but also by offering him only 100 rupees a month salary, half of what an Indian professor would normally make, and only a third of an Englishman’s salary.Inspired by this work and intrigued by the idea that “Hertzian Waves” and visible light were the same thing, Bose set about exploring this new field.By 1895, barely a year after starting his research, Bose made the first public demonstration of radio waves in the Kolkata town hall.I have a few peeves: The Wave/PC usurps my lone serial port (USB is in the works) and my sound card's output.That makes the unit my PC's sole sound system.


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  3. Sep 1, 2001. The Gist PC-enabled Tabletop Radio $449. I'm sitting in Fanwood, New Jersey, a Bose Wave/PC Interactive Audio System beside me playing.

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  5. Jan 16, 2005. Inexplicably, the $500 tabletop radio has become an acceptable home-entertainment expense. The same people who refused to buy a DVD.

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