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These were then judged and rated by heterosexual participants (130 face raters and 239 odour raters) on the basis of their masculinity or femininity.

Given that previous findings have found that femininity is usually seen in faces and voices simultaneously while masculinity is often linked across faces, voices and body odour, we predicted that participants would give similar ratings to both faces and odours. Ratings given by men showed no agreement between the faces and odours of different donors.

We found that men who are perceived as not being particularly masculine benefit the most from using deodorant.

As you would expect, this is all about sex and our search for the ideal partner.

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View the full list Adverts for male deodorants – such as Old Spice or Axe/Lynx – typically promise a boost in manliness and romantic success for those discerning enough to try the products.

It would be a shame if she had to be opened up again. Back to her docile happy self and eating like a piggie!We also then noticed some hair loss and she became very sensitive to touch down both sides plus quite aggressive.Caroline had been told previously that if the pig had ovarian cysts, there was nothing that could be done for her. She´s got a scar from her neck to her back legs which is not surprising given the size of the cysts.But we wanted to know how successful such products actually are in manipulating our perceptions of masculinity and femininity when mixed with a person’s natural body odour.Masculinity and femininity can be assessed in many ways, such as facial structure, voice and body odour.Thought members might be interested to see this picture of recently removed ovarian cysts from Caroline Whittle´s guinea pig, Tabitha.Tabby is a very small, slim, crested guinea, she´s about 2 years old.Similarly, feminine traits in women also indicate reproductive quality – studies have linked feminine facial features with higher oestrogen levels.Given the relevance of masculinity and femininity in assessing romantic partners it’s not surprising that fragrances are often tailored to be either masculine or feminine, with only a minority marketed as unisex.Do keep a close eye on the healing process (any signs of redness or warmth at the incision, how well she is eating -- feed her well and give extra vitamin C -- weigh frequently to make sure she is not going off her food).They are low to the ground and you don´t want her to pick up an infection.


  1. Sep 5, 2014. Weston A. Nichols,‡ Brandon J. Henderson,‡ Caroline Yu,‡ Rell L. Parker,‡. The lynx family proteins are a subset of the Ly6/uPAR superfamily. Since the discovery of lynx1, many other lynx family members have been.

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