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Causes of internet dating

If, however, you see people’s motivations as more complex and inherently contradictory, then perhaps the research is providing some very clear messages.There are always going to be some people at the extreme ends of the spectrum who are using internet dating just as a way of obtaining sex, and there are going to be those who are just interested in marriage.Some people are never going to reply whatever you write or whatever your photo looks like.That’s a fact you need to be aware of straight away otherwise you’ll be easily disheartened.Sometimes they will email you a few times then go quiet.Or when you offer to meet up in real life, they suddenly turn out to be extremely busy.

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On the other hand around 60% of both men and women claim to be also using the sites to obtain a long-term partner and around 37% of both sexes are looking for a marriage partner online.

A little adventure in life couldn’t hurt, and as dating goes, this could be even safer than meeting some random stranger in a bar.8. Most real-world dating is based on one of two premises: you meet someone and you are attracted to them physically, or you get set up on a blind date. At least online, you’ll know you have something in common before you have that first date.9. Darcy Johansan writes for No Credit Check where you can find anything from a prepaid satellite TV to a car rental no credit check.

People going in search of love online have found that their high hopes for online romance have been hit by some unexpected behaviour.

Research carried out in 2001 provides some interesting clues to the motivations of internet daters.

While this research was carried out fairly early on in the life of online dating it does provide some useful pointers.


  1. Your single friends might be informing you that they are picky when it comes to choosing a mate online. However, they may not be supplying you with the entire.

  2. Jan 15, 2011. The negative stigma attached to online dating is a thing of the past and it's time to give it a shot. If you've been reticent to try online dating.

  3. And when it comes to online dating, it is great if you find a genuine person but do not. Internet has been a great revolution and probably the very reason for the.

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