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The World Trade Center (WTC) contained seven buildings.

The Twin Towers were called buildings One (WTC1) and Two (WTC2).

It's also odd that WTC7, which wasn't hit by an airplane or by any significant debris, collapsed in strikingly similar fashion to the Twin Towers.

WTC7, which was situated on the next block over, was the farthest of the buildings from WTC1 and WTC2.The beams were falling at the same rate that the towers themselves were descending.Familiar with elementary physics, including principles of conservation of energy and momentum, this seemed quite impossible if the towers were indeed "pancaking," which is the official theory. I calculated that from that height, freefall in a vacuum (read, absolutely no resistance on earth) is 9.2 seconds. The second Honda slams into the back of the first one.So, even if the building essentially didn't exist – if it provided no resistance at all to the collapse – just the floors hitting each other and causing each other to decelerate would've taken 15.5 seconds to reach the ground. The building either resists its collapse or it doesn't.And we know the WTC Towers were made of reinforced steel and concrete that would act much more like bricks than cards.Each of the 47 floors supposedly pancaked and collapsed, individually. What struck me first was the way the second plane hit WTC2, the South Tower.Yet WTC7 reached the ground in 0.5 seconds longer than freefall. I noticed that this plane, United Airlines Flight 175, which weighed over 160,000 pounds and was traveling at 350 mph, did not even visibly move the building when it slammed into it.Partly it was bravery, to be sure, but partly it was concrete knowledge that skyscrapers do not collapse due to fire. Did the FEMA investigators not think to ask the New York City Fire Department how they thought the fire started, or how the fires could have caused the astounding, historical collapse?This would seem to be an elementary step in any investigation about a fire.They collapsed in truly astounding fashion, but the event that caused me first to question the official story about the events of 9-11 was viewing videos of the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC7).If you've forgotten, WTC7 was a 47-story building that was not hit by an airplane or by any significant debris from either WTC1 or WTC2.


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