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And like Coco Martin, Edgar Allan is also hailed for his acting chops (he did gay roles!

) and was in fact hailed as the “New Indie Prince.” Birth Date: November 20, 1988 Why He’s Hot: Edgar Allan catapulted into a sort of household name after being one of the grand finalists of the top-rated show Your Face Sounds Familiar this 2015. He started off with ‘okay’ and ‘meh’ performances but surprisingly came out strong and impressive in the end.

Add to that his beautiful face and his sexy smirk and he can easily be the secretly sensitive werewolf alpha male in a female fantasy. Why He’s Hot: Before being tagged as one of the hottest Filipino guys, John was Mr. He competed in the international stage against 45 other contestants. It turns out he is a University of the Philippines Theater Arts grad. Birth Date: April 21, 1981 Why He’s Hot: This guy is witty and hilarious.

On June 19, 2013, USA Network announced it will debut a webisode series, called TK Gets Real, that will feature Terrance "TK" King (Mehcad Brooks) as he seeks to become a reality star.

The equatorial sun may not be the hottest thing in the Philippines. And it is certainly not the people’s heads against their politicians. Because of living side by side with Spanish, Americans and even Japanese colonizers in the past and a readiness for accepting foreigners up to the present, there are so many mestizo and beautiful guys here. Take note though that we are leaving out staple hunks like Piolo Pascual, Diether Ocampo and Coco Martin because they’re part of every hot guy list year after year (see them here).

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Edgar Allan Guzman Like matinee idol Jericho Rosales, Edgar Allan started off as a noontime show contest winner. From then he made his way into indie films and the theater stage, honing his craft as a serious actor.


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