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Compatibility dating quiz

Both signs love indulging in the pleasures of the senses. It often seems that the faith of Pisces helps the practical dreams of Taurus come true, while the Bull's artistic bent enhances your creative imagination.Pisces is ruled by spiritual Jupiter and dreamy Neptune, which is said to be the higher octave of Venus, the ruler of Taurus.This is one of the most compatible and comfortable combinations of the Zodiac and together both will furnish a secure and luxurious setting for love.

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Pisces can understand and appreciate Gemini's frequent new ideas on a deeply intuitive level.Pisces is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac and indicates the final stage of development in a human being.Being born under the sign of the fish, you are therefore at a stage of completion in your development and will have a strong sense of your place in the spiritual scheme of things.In the end though, there will need to be more than sexual attraction to keep you together. While not the easiest match in the Zodiac both can benefit and grow from the relationship with each other.Piscean imagination and mysterious allure will bring out a new sensitivity and romanticism in an Aries Lover.By being too passive and accepting of each other, they can stay stuck in unproductive jobs and lifestyles.It might be a good idea for both to draw up a list of goals and chart their progress; otherwise they might just turn into a couple of couch potatoes.But the bond of a common quality can be enough to keep them interested for life.Both signs love communicating in creative ways, so expect plenty of double entendre and meaningful silences.Pisces, a Water Sign and Gemini, an Air Sign, tend to come together in a refreshing, healing mist.The sex can be sublime, as the Twins' light touch can give life to the rich fantasies of the Fish.


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