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Consolidating airline miles

(Note: United’s miles-for-sale offer officially ends on December 31, 2003.But my best guess is that the airline will extend this program.) If you want to convert miles, there are four vehicles for exchanging miles among programs: Hilton HHonors’ Reward Exchange, Diners Club Rewards, Amtrak Guest Rewards, and In fact, if you buy United tickets for that surprise trip, the miles earned will get you that much closer to an award for the following year’s vacation.Another quick fix would be to sign up for a United Mileage Plus Visa.I thought I could transfer them to United Airlines through the Star Alliance, but the Lufthansa website doesn’t offer that option. In fact, you generally can NOT transfer airline miles to another airline.

Because if they were, you’d lose more than 80 percent of your miles in the process. Guest Rewards allows members to exchange Continental miles into Guest Rewards points in increments of 5,000.In other words, 10,000 miles in Program A would convert to 5,000 miles in Program B.But the Diners program does not support transfers of your Continental, Delta, or US Airways miles into United miles.Before getting to the good news, let’s eliminate the usual suspects—the options that first spring to mind when the goal is mileage consolidation.Since the bulk of your miles are in United’s program, that would be the account to focus on.And purchasing miles to “top off” an account is generally prohibitively expensive, especially if you need more than a few miles.But because of the particular combination of programs in which you have accumulated miles, there may be a way to get a tad closer to a free trip.You’ll have to call Continental to exchange One Pass miles for Guest Rewards points; you can convert Guest Rewards points to Mileage Plus miles on Amtrak’s website.So, if you have at least 5,000 Continental miles, you would first convert them into Guest Rewards points, and then exchange those 5,000 Guest Rewards points for 5,000 United miles, bringing your Mileage Plus balance to 21,000 miles.Plus, it allows Guest Rewards points to be exchanged for miles in the programs of Continental, Midwest, and United.And the exchange rate is 1:1, which means there’s no conversion loss.


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