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Dating coach christian counselor

I was afraid if we choose a female coach, that she would take my wife's side and make it all my fault.Dana made us both feel really comfortable and she didn't "take sides".They worked beautifully and we both started feeling a lot better and more hopeful.Looking back, I don’t think our marriage would have survived without her.At first, we were uncomfortable discussing the intimate details of our marriage.But Ilisa was so warm and understanding, she soon put us at ease.Many times since, she has acted as a grief counselor for me. She guided my now husband & I through our marriage counseling prior to getting married this past weekend. Her comforting spirit and words always have a special place in our hearts. I trust her with my life and our relationship goes beyond the alter!I am honored to have Bonnie as my minister, and even more honored, because she is a very good friend of mine. I enlisted the help of Jivana Kennedy about 3 years ago.

The smallest things turned into relationship ending fights.My listening skills have changed for the better and I am able to stay calm even when things get a little chaotic around me.She has helped me to see and understand the situations which can cause me to become overwhelmed and trigger some of the negative emotions I have experienced in the past when interacting with my spouse.I would highly recommend her as a marriage and couples therapist. My wife and I were looking for marriage counseling.We have been having issues with communication and have lost touch with each other.I was referred to Dana by a friend who had a great experience.As a man, it's always hard to open up emotionally.But our fights kept getting worse and worse until I was so upset and angry all the time that I insisted we enter therapy.We both did some research and ended up agreeing (for once) that we wanted to schedule a session with Ilisa.I am so thankful my friend pushed me, to make me and my marriage better!My daughter has seen a couple of other counselors in the past but she shuts down and wont talk.


  1. Christian marriage coach training 10-week course by Life Breakthrough Coaching & Academy.

  2. WCI’s Certified Relationship Coach training program gives you the necessary foundation to coach with a 100 percent success rate. Through our relationship coach training course you learn how to apply WCI’s Proven Methodology with confidence, generate business and maintain long-term client relationships.

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