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Dating phone ettequite

Online, you have the time to really devise a great answer and think about what you are going to speak about before you press “enter.” And when you are talking to someone in the flesh, you can use your facial expressions and body language to better translate what you are trying to get across.But when you are talking on the phone, it’s all about your voice and the way you speak to them directly.When it comes to rehearsing your phone response, what you are going to say isn’t the only thing that you should be thinking about.You should also practice how you are going to talk.

If you want that perception to be a positive one, here’s what you need to do to step up the way you help customers on the telephone.

With so much attention being placed on online communication, whether it's via email and social media, it seems that conversing with your actual voice is a lost art.

However, answering the telephone is still a big part of the experience for many businesses.

You should have a standardized greeting that you use that is polite and informative.

Give a welcoming greeting and let them know immediately who they are speaking with.


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