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now let me add that the bolt is missing that holds it in place and i see wear on a small metal piece that was left hanging on the slot where the pulley is supposed to be. Since there is no tension on the belt your power steering will be gone and your alternator will not work so your battery will not be recharging as you drive.

Is it safe to drive it home 20 miles on the express way with out the serp belt or could i still bypass it to get home. Does the battery have enough juice to last 20 miles? If you replace the tensioner then it is also a good idea to replace the serpentine belt as well.

Rotate the crankshaft clockwise until the marks line up.

Another point that I can't stress enough is to use quality parts.If you look right under the motor mount bracket (driver's side) you will see a black plastic cap/cover that is held in place with a 10mm bolt. The only thing I see in the area you described is the crankshaft position sensor.Remove the bolt & cap and then you will be able to install the crank lock pin. Once I pulled the sensor out, then it looks like it has threads to install the tool.Access plug is on the driver side bottom of the engine (right under the engine mount). Hi there Dustin, If you do another rotation on the crankshaft the camshafts should line up.Note: The 12V 2.8L (1997 and below) engine has a crankshaft position sensor in that location instead of a plastic plug. The cam pulleys are bigger than the crank pulley, so they turn half as fast.Remove the sensor and install the tool in the same spot. Im at the step where you line up the timing marks to the crankshaft pulley. I think it's 2 turns of the crank for each camshaft revolution. This friggin crank locking bolt location has become a little daunting.Hi Artem, I had my crank set at DTC and both large holes on sprockets facing each other. Directly under the motor mount is whats appears to be #6 hex plug flush to the block, nothing is attached to it on the outside.I finally check for a third time and realize that the hydraulic tensioner takes care of the alignment in a way too...since it advances the chain a hair when it lifts up and everything lines up perfectly he is up and running perfectly fine now..Thank you It is pretty important if you want the timing to be correct.You can buy both tools on ebay for and then sell them for almost the same amount.I highly recommend that you get the tools, especially if this is your first time doing this job.


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