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Does online dating work yahoo answers

Right now I am thinking about curing him off b UT I have a feeling he might come around.

My friend keep telling me don’t contact him but I feel I will lose him if I don’t.

When we first met it was great, we talk a lot, we have fun and joke around.

He told me he liked me but I was afraid to tell him that I like him as well because I liked some else at the same time.

I really like this guy I met 9 months ago at a party.

I can tell you as a guy that I’m used to having to make the first move. But if a girl initiates contact with me, it’s definitely nice.

Even if I’m not into her, it never come off as desperate or creepy or weird. As with everything else though, this is my opinion based on what you’ve told me here. – eric charles This guy started talking to me and we met up, things were great and we talking for hours on end.

And as i told you earlier, he again interacted with me..

But whenever we chat with each other he again became psycho, talking rubbish about sex.


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  2. I met a guy about two and a half weeks ago. We had a long conversation, he asked for my number and he texted me the next day. Since we met, I was never the

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