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Funny online dating quotes

That said, here’s my offer: I’ve never cheated, I don’t do drugs, play video games all day, sneak around behind your back, party or have kids everywhere that I don’t see”“I’m not going to spend lots an lots of money on you weekly not because I’m a cheap ass but because my kids need stuff more and they will always come first.

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I just think you have to go to person by person and do the best you can with people in general.

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My GF said I was too controlling, and it wasn't her turn to speak.

Women need to know that not all guys are going to hurt them the way that the guy did before they started dating me.

I made out with your brother once Do you suffer from Couples meet and cheat online - so why not divorce, too?


  1. But, as great as those stats sound, online dating is also utterly time consuming and competitive. The authors of "Freakonomics" discovered that

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