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For example, ABM Industries required its security guards to wear two-way radios and pagers and to remain "vigilant" and "available to respond" during their rest breaks.

The unusual thing about the lawsuit is that it is brought solely against Roger Ailes in his individual capacity rather than against Fox News as her employer.

The Wackenhut Corp., the plaintiffs were security guards who claimed they should be certified as a class because their employer maintained a consistent policy of requiring them to remain constantly on-duty throughout their shifts at certain job sites.

(The facts of the case were therefore basically similar to those in Augustus v.

benefits are supposed to be the "exclusive remedy" for any workplace injury. Brady Company, Inc., offers a timely reminder that an exception to this "exclusivity" doctrine may apply whenever a workplace injury also results in a "disability" covered by the California Fair Employment and Housing Act ("FEHA").

Indeed, most medical conditions that substantially limit an employee's ability to work -- such as the need to recuperate or take leave due to an injury -- will also qualify as a covered "disability." This, in turn, triggers a number of statutory obligations including: the duty to engage in an "interactive process;" the duty to "reasonably accommodate" the employee's condition; and the duty to prevent any retaliation or discrimination. Brady, the employee alleged that his supervisor terminated him rather than allow him to return to work with restrictions after he suffered a hernia at work.


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  4. U. S. Supreme Court Bridges v. California, 314 U. S. 252 1941 Bridges v. California. No. 1. Argued October 18, 21, 1940 No.19, 1940 Term Reargued October 13, 1941

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