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Is cm punk dating amy dumas 2016

We don’t have too much info on the pair, but she has gone on record saying that CM Punk broke her heart and that they were soulmates but he did not feel the same about her.

The Game, Triple H, is clearly married to the billion-dollar princess, Stephanie Mc Mahon. Before HHH made his relationship with Stephanie public, he was with fellow DX member, Chyna.

Here is some snaps of WWE Champion CM Punk and former WWE Diva Lita together at Thursday’s Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in Chicago.

One of the best heartfelt stories in the WWE during the 80’s was these two lovebirds.

At his best heel, he mistreated Elizabeth, all for the storyline of course.

They came out during the Money in the Bank PPV a couple Sundays ago letting us know just how much love they had, for each other.

While their love still sits in the back of our heads, here are our top 7 worst WWE breakups.


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