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Senate GOP leaders on Thursday pulled the plug on one of the president's judicial nominees over concerns about racially insensitive articles he wrote in college.

' Overheated' tone he apologized for One NFL team on Thursday reportedly added a section on 'proper anthem conduct' to team discipline rules that could allow for four-game suspensions.

Could it be, that Damian has a girlfriend, or have a girl he likes, or maybe even a boy? With a toxin released into Gotham, turning the innocent into zombies, the Bat boys must navigate a new world or try to save their old one before it's too late.

*Part 2 to The Gift of Death, but may be read without reading that.

The Court of Owls is nothing but a dark, twisted, bedtime lullaby that the people of Gotham whisper to their kids. He resolves to be ready next time, to drive them off his scent so he can stike back.

Nightwing exists because of tragedy, and the universe, never lets him forget. At first the Waynes seem like any other family, but the illusion begins to break all too quickly.

Strange things are happening in the Wayne household, and if Ofbruce dares press he'll find something he doesn't want to find, something that will shatter the perfect illusion he's created in order to survive.


  1. This list is for locomotive characters that have been mentioned either over the course of The Dark Railway Series or in official character bios listed on the Dark DJ Productions website, but have never appeared on screen or played roles in the actual series.

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