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Read more: Memphis May Fire announced for Playing With Fire Festival and other news you might have missed today 1.Gorillaz have debuted a new music video for “Strobelite.” Give it a watch below!This time, there’s still some songs like that, that are pieced together from little bits that people brought in but a lot of it was a lot more collective in nature and just, “Hey, everybody throw out an idea and whichever one’s the best idea we’ll go with.” More of – I would never would compare it to the Beatles because who could – but I know those guys are super democratic in the way they do things and everyone had to agree on everything – and that’s more of the mentality that we’ve tried to take lately, a “group combined brain.” AXS: What’s one of the tracks on that stands out to you?JD: I feel like I can give so many different answers to this because it’s so new but right now a song that’s really appealing to me is “The Condition.” There’s this little guitar lick that I had written at the end of it that I really, really enjoy.It kind of doesn’t even feel like something that I wrote ‘cause I don’t really feel that connected to it, so I can look at it from the outside.That song scratches a certain itch for me right now and I really like the themes that Mike is thinking about in it. AXS: You’re about to launch the new tour - what’s different about this one? When people come and spend their hard earned money to go to a concert they expect to be entertained.Or is that something that’s super-enhanced by the uneasiness of being gone all the time.I literally cannot even imagine what the struggle is like being deployed somewhere, because what little taste we have of it – no danger (for us) or anything – being away all the time is not normal, it’s not a way that you’re supposed to live, so it kind of makes people a little crazy, I guess (laughs).

It’s weird because you spend so long working on something, you pour everything into it and then it’s like, “Ok guys, we’ll get this out in about seven months,” and you’re like, “What?!

AXS: The consistency of being on the road over these 11 years - and you mentioned growing up on the road – how has that shaped you? When we were super young kids the very first tour we ever did, a big long tour, we went out for like three months of the summer and that was Mike’s and our other guitar player’s, at the time, summer vacation.

Then they came back and did high school for their last year and then we just started going at it after that.

We’ve been in this band since we were 17, 18-years-old and we’re 28 and almost 29 now, so that has just been our lifestyle.

[The band] took off very quickly and we’ve been very fortunate to spend most of our adult life on the road, taking a few months or a few weeks at home.


  1. Oct 24, 2017. Andy and Christian go on a date in Paris during Fashion Week.

  2. Sep 2, 2017. A deleted scene from "The Devil Wears Prada" has been making its way 'round the web, and it has fans of the 2006 movie totally shook.

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