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Low cost single parent dating

"Broken home." This is a derogatory label that causes much pain and misunderstanding.

Too often, children living in single parent households have to contend with negative stereotypes and hurtful remarks made by Insensitive adults.

Ask other single parents to trade babysitting or hire a mother's helper.

Since 1970, the number of children living in a single parent family has doubled.As adults - teachers, coaches, neighbors, family, and friends, we can change our attitude, be more sensitive and compassionate, and recognize that SINGLE PARENTS RAISE GOOD KIDS TOO!It is difficult and challenging to be a parent today, and it is even more difficult to raise children alone.Be selective and choose caring, reliable, trustworthy people who will be there for you In times of need.Single parents with healthy support systems usually feel better mentally and physically and demonstrate to their children that it is OK to ask for help.Many single parents treasure their newfound autonomy and independence and feel hopeful about the future.Establish firm, clear boundaries that leave no doubt that you are the boss In the home.Adults and children do better when single parenthood is perceived as a viable option and not as a pathological situation.Start with a positive attitude and focus on the benefits of single parenting, such as less conflict and tension in the home.Regardless of whether the single parent family exists as a result of divorce or death of the other parent, the child is clearly not responsible for the circumstances.However, it is the child who often pays the price: the child who has to write an essay because a parent cannot afford Back to School night, the child who has to sit on the bench because he/she misses practices while visiting the other parent, the child who comes home crying from school, sad when he doesn't know who to make a Father's Day card for because his father died.


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