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"Damien just put me in front of a piano and said, 'You want to make an album? Be a musician.' So he just helped me to be inspired and not be the little French actress who wants to make an album just to make an album."What with acting, singing and directing, it's little wonder the Paris-born Laurent stems from a family already highly embedded in the arts.

Her maternal grandparents edited film posters and books.

I have no time, I'm working so much in Paris." In the end she acquiesced, but rather than simply record her lines, she made a mini-movie, featuring music, effects and even a talking dog. The result was a recent sojourn to the Paris stage to perform in the play Promenade De Sant.

If Laurent, 27, boasts a rebellious streak, she's also highly self-critical. "If I don't feel the part, if I don't understand my character, if I don't like all the story around my character, I won't make that movie. A further risk comes from the fact that Laurent is currently putting the finishing touches to her debut album, on which she has collaborated with Irish singer-songwriter Damien Rice (rumour has it they're also dating, though at one point she tells me "I have no boyfriend").

Depardieu passed along three pieces of acting advice to her: dont take acting classes, dont learn your lines too far in advance, and never be afraid of being ridiculous.

Other roles followed, including parts in Im Fine, Dont Worry and Le Concert.

She also directed and wrote a short film, De moins en moins, which was nominated for Best Short Film at the 61st Annual Cannes Film Festival.

But its not an obsession to make movies absolutely here, and maybe move here.

Im really French, and I love those city streets, and I have no need to take a car, and I love the cafes.


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