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As with everything in life, this comes with a cost, as the north is also significantly more dangerous due to border crossings and drug cartels.

European and Canadian guys (strangely) will get more love from Mexican girls than American guys will – I put this down to Mexicans being so familiar with the US, and, as they say, “familiarity breeds contempt”.

Canadian men are more politically correct on the outside perhaps, but not on the inside.

A Mexican man may just up and say what a Canadian (or American or European) man is thinking.

Traditional mindsets of inequality between men and women are global, my friends.

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Online game in Mexico City to meet Mexican women Two words: in-sane.

For those who are considering crossing The Rio Grande in search of Latinas – here are the seven best cities to meet Mexican women: go to D. (Distrito Federal- that’s what they call it, never “Mexico City”) if you want a quiet time to get away from people.

Don’t let any fear mongering put you off; any city with 20 million people will have its share of undesirables but that doesn’t make it dangerous.

“Fresas” are the rich, preppy Mexican girls that look great but are notoriously snobby and difficult to game – social circle sex is about all they engage in.

Most of them know English well and will have studied/lived in the US.


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