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Michael copon dating history

Log in to Reply i do not think VMinnilo is 100% of mixed race. I am very sure her real father is a filipino, but she got adopted by the Italian/Irish father. Those filipinos who deny their nationality or embarrassed by it all I can say is SHAME ON YOU. Ana,, Filipinos are just so popular in the world…dont you get it…let stop this all nonsense comment about heritage.all be proud that we are all human,not a dragon…. I don’t know that she’s embarassed by it, maybe she’s just ignorant that there is a difference.She looks very much like her mother and other filipino woman that of low class. You can absolutely tell that she has some Filipino features. I’ve even heard other Asians say the Philippines is polynesian, not Asian, because it is not connected to the main continent.But, if that were the case, Japanese would also be polynesian! I hope to raise my children proud of their Filipino ancestry.Log in to Reply Hey People, You should not embarrased of being a half-Filipino because we have the most beautiful skin color in the world,the perfect tan you can ever imagine,the think black hair you can imagine.

Vanessa’s paternal grandfather is Vincent John Minnillo (the son of Christopher R. Christopher and Ann were both born in Pennsylvania.

Then her daughter was born and looks very blond with dark brown eyes. She has mixed caucasian gene from her father who is dark haired dark brown eyes, but she does not look caucasian for her mother’s gene stronger than her caucasian father’s gene, so she has her mother’s look. But Ruth looks very very asian, not one bit of eurasian look; her mother gene stronger than her father’s caucasian gene.

Then she married Nick Lachley dark haired dark brown eyes, so husband gene and her mixed caucasian genes produced first born son who looks eurasian with brownish hair dark brown eyes, but it’s her daughter, second born looks really caucasian with blond hair but dark brown eyes due to both parents have dark brown eyes. Then she married a blond blue eyed caucasian man Jonathan Blumenstein, and her first born daughter was very blond with blue eyes.

Just remember,most of the Miss Universe winners are Filipino Beauty..

Philippines is Pearl of the Orient…I am Filipina my husband is white american I have two beautiful children a girl and boy.yes I took them to Philippines four times now…dont be embarrased your heritage be proud of it….. the mother must have worked one of the bars in the red light district of angeles, di ba?


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