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Misadventures in internet dating

Grizzly came back into the house, but I didn't get up to shut the back door; we could use a little fresh air for a bit anyhow. Grizzly stared at me with a quizzical look on his face. I was then asked to upload a picture and so I opened my picture folder and began to browse through it.The homepage started off asking me to fill out my name, e-mail address, and password—the typical things. How important is your match's age to you on a scale of 1-7, seven being crucial: Five. I suppose I was in a daze, just reading and clicking, reading and clicking. There was a picture I had taken at a company dinner, dressed in a nice tuxedo with a quirky little grin on my face.

I enjoy being around my family, being outdoors, and having a good time with my friends. I saved it and leaned back into my couch, my eyes flickering up to the television where a movie was playing, before I heard the telephone ring. "I shrugged my shoulders, though I knew he couldn't see the action. We'll watch the show, throw back a couple of drinks; we haven't spent a lot of time together lately.""Why don't you take your girlfriend with you? Emmett was quiet on the line for a moment and I knew I was acting like more of a jerk than necessary but it really bothered me when he would blow me off for weeks at a time and then just call me up out of the blue and force me into hanging out with him.He was a gift from Emmett, actually, and I found it a very fitting gift because it was like having Emmett here at the house with me all the time.I grabbed a cold beer from the freezer and went into the living room to turn on the television before sitting down.I popped the cap off the beer without too much effort, but I knew my mom would be calling me tomorrow, nagging me about it. I could always lie about it, but I hated lying to my mom, even over something as trivial as online dating.I opened the thin, grey laptop and turned it on, taking a drink of the beer as I waited for it to load. That was always the highest any survey or any questionnaire would go.I liked being a self-established person; I liked being independent. " I countered, wondering which she wanted more."That doesn't really matter to me, Edward…I just want to see you happy." I should have known she would say something along those lines. "All right, mom, I'll give it a try but if my body turns up on a deserted road somewhere...""Edward, don't be ridiculous. Edward, it's seven thirty in the evening," my mother scolded me; ."I know, I know but there are some potential buyers coming in; and they're looking into buying a silver Rolls Royce, Mother," I explained."Edward, honey, you know I have no idea what that means. ""Yes, Emmett has something to tell us.""Great," I muttered sarcastically.As you can see, when I went to see my mother for a late Mother's Day visit, I figured things would go smoothly. She had to start telling me how good Emmett, my brother, was doing with his girlfriend and how I should try dating. You will just have to be very careful with what you do, and besides, you're a big boy. However, I suppose it involved the same hype surrounding that expensive Ashton Kutcher you drive," she attempted. "I'll see you then, mom, and tell dad to call me when he gets home.As soon as I was on the street, I didn't hesitate in slamming my foot on the gas pedal, speeding off into the direction of my dealership.That night when I returned to my home, I couldn't have been more pleased with myself.I had a way with cars—the way I talked about them, the passion I had for them—and it often rubbed off on customers. Frank Santini didn't even appear to hesitate before saying he wanted to purchase the car and have it delivered to his home. Anyways, my house was empty, save for my dog that came abruptly running up to me as soon as I stepped through the garage door."Grizz," I said, rubbing the top of his head, having to push him back a little so I could get into the actual house.


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