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A friend of Twain's in Switzerland told People magazine in 2008 that "It's a multiple betrayal because it involves all the people around her, the people she is closest to. [Twain] moved to Switzerland without knowing much about the community; she didn't know many people at all. They were a similar age and shared similar interests.

"They were very good friends," said the source, adding that Shania and Marie-Anne were so close that Shania would often do Marie-Anne's makeup if they were going out to a social event together.

Three years earlier, Shania separated from her husband of 14 years, her producer Robert 'Mutt' Lange, after he allegedly had an affair with Shania's best friend - and Frederic Thiebaud's wife - Marie-Anne Thiebaud. "You let me go, you had to have her/ You told me slow, I died faster," Shania sings on I'm Alright from the new album, Now, her first studio album in 15 years. And having to come to terms with the one you love the most, loving someone else.

"I still can't believe he'd leave me to love her," she sings on Poor Me. "We leaned on one another through the ups and downs, taking turns holding each other.

"If we were to have been discovered somehow, at that time the authorities would step in and you got taken away by Children's Aid. At the end of the impromptu tour, she told Shania that her husband used to work on the railroad with her father, Clarence. It was only when the woman said, "And he still lives across the street", that Shania took a photograph of the license plates of the car in the driveway and asked the police to see if it was her father.

And if there was a particularly bad week or whatever, it would be, like: 'Nobody bring anybody home from school. "It was very stressful," said the singer, looking back. When it was established it was her birth dad, Shania knocked on the door of the house. Shania went back another day and met him "and asked him some questions.

Shania Twain was born with a very rusty spoon in her mouth in Windsor, Canada. It is a beautifully incredible thing that is like a miracle. Shania Twain plays the 3 Arena in Dublin on September 26, 2018, and the SSE Arena in Belfast on September 29, 2018. Bob tried to claim this sad, often bitter album was inspired by the short stories of Chekhov but the songs told another story.

Her childhood was lived not on but below the poverty line. You put things in perspective over time." Asked how she did that, Shania answers that she "realised what deserved importance... That, you know, I had to meet this horrible friend to..." I thought you forgave her, I say to Shania. Tickets available from Ticketmaster nationwide from 9am this Friday.

Sharon and Clarence's divorce came through when Shania was three. Five kids in three rooms, the Twains were so strapped for cash that sometimes they couldn't afford food, Shania remembered. I never said, 'Why didn't you make sure we were OK?

In that process, she found, she says, "courage and took the leap of faith in myself. "It is not like, 'Oh, she is a really great person! And I had to meet Mutt to have this child who is the absolute centre of my life," she says meaning Eja (pronounced "Asia"), who was born on August 12, 2001. I didn't know that my parents would be killed in a car crash". The marriages of Sweden’s fab four had fallen apart as songs like Slipping Through My Fingers, One Of Us and When All Is Said And Done attest. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, The Boatman’s Call, 1997. Nick’s marriage to Brazilian Viviane Carneiro was dying and his affair with PJ Harvey was over. It showed the world a more sorrowful side to the stadia-rocking Boss after the break up of his marriage to Julianne Phillips.

I took the risk because I decided it would be worth the risk". Apropos of the title of her album, Now, Shania says she has learned "a healthy fear of rushing on to escape the past. Shania Twain's new album Now is released on September 29. Post Ava Gardner — and a suicide attempt — Ol’ Blue Eyes reached deep inside himself and came up with the saddest album of all time. Listen to Brompton Oratory and Into My Arms and share his pain.

"I was disgusted that another woman's lust for a lifestyle upgrade was worth the devastation of my family." Shania even revealed in the book that she wrote a letter to Marie-Anne. Then the singer literally lost her voice - the nerves connected to her vocal cords seized up, when she contacted dysphonia as a consequence of Lyme disease she developed during that dreadful period of her life. The divorce is part of it, but it wasn't the root of it," says Shania who with her new album has - in more ways than the obvious - found her voice again.

It read, heartbreakingly: "I am so low, so broken-hearted I can't take it any more. Did she lose her voice from the stress of the divorce from Lange? "I never thought I would sing again," 52-year-old Shania says.


  1. May 12, 2011. and interpreter of singer's husband, record producer Robert 'Mutt' Lange. in her marriage and her fears that she thought Lange was having an affair. on THOSE dating rumours with Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham.

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