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Nike plus not updating

But Nike is definitely hearing your feedback, cliché as it sounds. But for some, Nike is giving Runkeeper, Strava, and other running apps one heck of an opening.

This is always the danger when a company makes big changes to a popular app — one that millions of people open every day.

You know it's rough when Windows 8 burns start getting tossed around.

Still, take a look at the Nike Run Club Facebook page and you'll see a stream of complaints beneath each and every status update.

Someone picks up the printout, stuffs it in their pocket and carries it through a rainstorm to the nearest pub. From the 1,000 foot view that Nike’s site gives you, everything appears to be in order. And if you calculate the distance based on the GPS points, it won’t match the distance you’ve been given for that run. What you see on Smashrun, I think, is the best that can be done.

Once there he hands it to the first person he finds who happens to have this terrible cold, and they uncrumple the soaking wet fax, with it’s smeared ink, and they read it in their thick Scottish brogue over a bad Skype connection to someone who’s hard of hearing. Yes, the graph goes up and the graph goes down, and indeed, it does change colors. And the bits on the graph where it’s green don’t always match the places where you ran fast. And, for some device/software version combinations, the data should be pretty good now.

As of Sept 28th, new runs are no longer flowing through the pathways we use to retrieve your data.

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So, I rolled up my sleeves and attacked the issue wholeheartedly.

And, of course, these sources have also changed historically as old bugs were fixed, and new ones were introduced.

In short, it was a fool’s errand, the deepest and darkest morass.

I invested an embarrassing amount of time in the task.

There are currently dozens of different sources for the runs that end up on Nike’s site: the watch, the footpod, the i Phone and Android apps, runs sent from Tom Tom, runs sent from Garmin, the Apple Watch, and even connected treadmills.


  1. Oct 1, 2017. We're not an official partner of Nike, and so we don't have any. Both iSmoothrun to update to SmashRun and Nike+ to keep my active.

  2. Mar 4, 2017. When you're not running, the Nike Club Run app on your Apple Watch. A few days later, there was an update to the Nike+ Run Club from the.

  3. I have spoken to customer support both for Garmin and Nike +, but no one can seem to fix the issue. In October 2016 my runs stopped syncing.

  4. Jul 24, 2017. Nike+ Run Club syncs workout data to Google Fit, which can then sync to Lose It. The following. If this is not already enabled, please do the following Open Nike+. Having trouble or workouts aren't syncing? 1. Make sure.

  5. Aug 27, 2016. For several years now, the Nike+ Running app has been an essential download. marathon training disrupted or erased completely due to the update. Nike+ Run Club Brigitte - Your previous coach program is not available.

  6. Jun 21, 2012. I waited to do that to do the firmware update. Firmware update said "fuelband not responding unplug and if it persists go to the nike plus help.

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