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For purposes of consolidating benefit coverage, however, eligible Cash Balance service does not include overtime that, prior to July 1, 2002, was covered under the Cash Balance Benefit Program. If the only funds in your Cash Balance account are from overtime service performed prior to July 1, 2002, and/or rollover funds, you are not eligible to consolidate benefits.

You must have eligible Cash Balance service to be eligible to consolidate benefits.

Cal STRS grants service credit to the member’s Defined Benefit account based on the time covered under the Cash Balance Benefit Program that is “eligible Cash Balance service.” The contributions and interest in the Cash Balance account are applied to the cost of consolidating benefit coverage.

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Eligible Cash Balance service is part-time employment that was covered under the Cash Balance Benefit Program.At least one agency, Doner, has been cut from the Nestlé roster.The MDC Partners shop previously worked on Di Giorno pizza in addition to beverage brands Nescafé, Clásico and Taster’s Choice.The last such round of downsizing took place in 2014.Initial reports implied that the review was entirely procurement-driven, but several sources said their agencies made presentations to the client.“The overall selection process is a collaboration between marketing, procurement, the communications and digital centers of excellence,” read a memo sent to executives by the Nestlé procurement team in April.Because the contribution rate for Cash Balance Benefit Program participants and employers is usually a combined 8 percent, less than half the contribution rate for the Defined Benefit Program, the contributions and interest available in the participant’s Cash Balance Benefit Program account may not cover the full cost of service credit under the Defined Benefit Program. If the funds in your Cash Balance account do not cover the entire cost of your eligible Cash Balance service under the Defined Benefit Program, the service credit to be added to your Defined Benefit account can be prorated based on the funds available in your Cash Balance account.You may contribute personal funds toward covering the remaining cost of your eligible Cash Balance service. You may choose from several payment alternatives, including a lump-sum payment, payroll deduction, monthly installments over a specified period or a rollover from a qualified plan. Cal STRS must transfer all funds from your Cash Balance account when your benefits are consolidated and your account must be closed.WPP and Publicis Groupe are the big winners in food conglomerate Nestlé’s review of creative agency work on assorted brands in its Nestlé USA portfolio.IPG also reportedly expanded its relationship with the company.All of your Cash Balance funds must first be applied to the consolidation of your eligible Cash Balance service under the Defined Benefit Program.After your Cash Balance funds have been applied to the cost of covering your eligible Cash Balance service, you may have Cal STRS: brochure.


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