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On finding and updating spanning trees and shortest paths

Punctuation (B)Reading at various speeds (slow, fast, very fast); reading different kinds of texts for different purpose (e.g.for relaxation, for information, for discussion at a later stage, etc.); reading between the lines.

die-casting, permanent mould casting, centrifugal casting, investment casting.

Welding Shop: Electric arc welding, Edge preparations, Exercises making of various joints. Specifications, Projections of Point and Lines: Introduction of planes of projection, Reference and auxiliary planes, projections of points and Lines in different quadrants, traces, inclinations, and true lengths of the lines, projections on Auxiliary planes, shortest distance, intersecting and non-intersecting lines.

Bead formation in horizontal, vertical and overhead positions. General: Importance, Significance and scope of engineering drawing, Lettering, Dimensioning, Scales, Sense of proportioning, Different types of projections, Orthographic Projection, B. Planes other than the Reference Planes: Introduction of other planes (perpendicular and oblique), their traces, inclinations etc., Projections of points and lines lying in the planes, conversion of oblique plane into auxiliary Plane and solution of related problems.

Gas Welding: Oxy-Acetylene welding and cutting of ferrous metals. Projections of Plane Figures: Different cases of plane figures (of different shapes) making different angles with one or both reference planes and lines lying in the plane figures making different given angles (with one of both reference planes).

Obtaining true shape of the plane figure by projection.


  1. Bounds on the amount of computation required to update shortest path trees. spanning tree in network G if T is a subnetwork of G containing all nodes of G. Finding such a flow can be formulated as a linear programming problem with.

  2. Feb 14, 2013. spanning tree T of G. Now, suppose a new edge {u,v} is added to G. Describe in. small enough k it makes sense to apply your algorithm repeatedly in order to update the. Find a shortest augmenting path relative to f.

  3. A minimum spanning tree MST or minimum weight spanning tree is a subset of the edges of a. A spanning tree for that graph would be a subset of those paths that has no cycles. The first algorithm for finding a minimum spanning tree was developed by Czech scientist Otakar Borůvka in 1926 see Borůvka's algorithm.

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