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Play love triangle dating challenge

Cal blackmails Foy into talking about his activities with Sonia and secretly tapes their conversation.

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According to Carnahan, the story's core issue (and main factor behind his desire to write the adaptation) was the question it raised about whether a person would be justified in doing "a pretty awful thing" if they were performing great deeds in other areas of their life.

Collins, who has military experience, is leading an investigation into Point Corp, a private defense contractor with controversial operations involving mercenaries.

Collins tells his college roommate and old friend Cal Mc Affrey (Russell Crowe), an investigative reporter, that he had been having an affair with Sonia and that she had sent him a cheerful video message on the morning of her death, which he says is inconsistent and unusual behavior for someone about to commit suicide.

A picture of Collins from his military days, with the assassin in the frame, confirms Cal's hunch. Army corporal Robert Bingham (Michael Berresse), whose life Collins had once saved.

Collins reveals that he had been suspicious of Sonia, and that he hired the assassin to watch her. Collins says that Bingham hated Point Corp more than he did, and that he killed Sonia with no authorization.


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