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" Meaning she was not going to have that sort or behaviour. I Naval slang it means a retaliation in anger - mud slinging etc. A bit like "he's got a weed on em"Being from Plymouth the dialect changes a little from most of the posts here,we used to go bikin and get proper chatty in the streams, which my mum used to clip me side the eer'ole fer or catch my tail'n slap'm being a bad buy, (who knows how to spell it but anyone from plymouth would know - reet buy - are you alright boy! Noticed how many phrases are the same as rural North Hampshire: jaspers = wasps, daft as a brush, Granfer = grandad, etc. Distance described by range of shot-gun i.e dree or vower gunshots.It's not dialect you wonderful people should be learning. Never heard any of this colourful language in my part of Kent though. "Notes from a Devon Village" by Henry Williamson has some wondrous north devon dialect in it.

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If the bus was expected "dreckly" you might as well walk, while people in a hurry were gooin like ares (going like hares). The curious and uneducated ask what they are ie..."Your turkeys are in the lane, funny chickens you got mate"...goes on. Someone in the village was afraid they wouldn't be hearing the bells any more. "'Ow lucky us be, maister,to yer thicky bells on a Zundy morn, Us dawn't know what tiz like yer, not to yer thick bells or them birds at dawn. "Now zee yer, Maister, I've a travulled a lot, 'n i've met zum queer volks who dawn't care a jot about ort like them bells yer, 'ow licky us be.

Plurals were mostly doubled: sheepses, pigses and wopses (wasps), but the ancient single plural was used for childer (children). )i'm moving to new plymouth- Taranaki and it's amazing seeing place names 12,000 miles from home -such as powderham street, devon road, exeter road, etc etc when I was growing up in Bideford the name for a passage between two houses was 'drang'I have never heard it anywhere else and does anyone else use the term 'vuzzy vrees' for chesnuts ? Now zum volks I've met, they be zad in thur 'earts, an' it bain't cos they ain't got no 'orse n cart.

“Proper job” expressed satisfaction and “choose how” was used for emphasis in much the same way as the Welsh “look you”: thass a turrible tall 'ill, choose 'ow (that is an extremely tall hill).i still say "where's that to? our variant on maize was 'maized as a bezom' which I believe meant daft as a brush I thought 'tiddyoggie' was name for a cornish pasty in devon. Thay ain't got no ringers in thur Church Belfry, They all went away to the towns, dawn't ee zee. Now in these yer towns you can't yer no bells vor the cars 'an the lorries 'an the 'ollers 'an yells, But I'd miss 'em, ya knaw, ev'ry Zundy at ten, just as much as I'd miss a vresh egg vrom our 'en. Zo zee yer, you ringers, dawn't dwindle away, stay yer 'an keep ringin' as long as you may.

My Mum still says "Smeechy", to describe the haze you get in the kitchen when you've burnt sausages on the grill. My late husband and a very good friend of ours often used this phrase.

She also says "better fit" to mean "it would be better if" and "gramfer grigs" for woodlice. "Well, I've telled thee all I know, now thee diss'n know nort."Also they used a tool in the garden for banking up potatoes which they always called a "Teddy Ailer".


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