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Problems with radiometric and carbon 14 dating

Those using hair, pigment, etc., for homeothermy, etc., will always have had the ability to use such associated structures for such purposes. [added 4/8/18] - Uncontaminated and non-radioactive amber, even allegedly from 300 Mya, will have significant Carbon 14.

- Large and/or complex biological molecules (like hemoglobin, hemocyanin, tyrosinase enzyme, etc.) will never be shown to have evolved from simpler molecules (thus falsifying the predictions of the Journal of Biological Chemistry, Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research, Nature, Science, et al.) but instead will be found to have existed in some of the "oldest" specimens.- A factor in the extreme chromosomal diversity in Africa will be found to be attributable to the relationship of Canaan and two of his brothers.- The Russians will find that their 2-mile deep borehole into Lake Vostok in Antarctica will provide unexpected evidence that seems to contradict their belief that it has been sealed off by ice from the surface for 15 millions years. - "Unexpected" transient events in the solar system will continue to be discovered. 13, 2015.- Asteroids will be shown to have debris fields orbiting them.(Partial confirmations appear at rsr.org/squeeze and see the 1972 quote on ancient proteins from the journal Science in our Biomaterial Fossils List!) - Animals with pigment, hair, fur, "advanced" teeth, bone, etc., will never be shown to have acquired, but rather, will always have had such teeth, bone, genes for pigment, hair, etc.This concept would enable the public to drive their own vehicle onto a high-speed transportation service that would optionally run as a lane of existing highways.In the early 2010s, Bob sent a letter to Elon Musk describing this system.That of course will both kill the child and comply with the PBA law.Focus on the Family, the bishops of the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops), National RTL, etc., all misrepresented these justices as pro-life when in fact they agree with the central claim of ruling itself was a virtual manual describing the "legal" methods to perform a late-term abortion. Spgs Independent that the national outrage over animal cruelty wouldgreatly surpass that for something as brutal as partial-birth abortion, confirmed days later by the Michael Vick dogfighting indictment.James Dobson was forced to admit in a national publication to his supporters, "Ending partial-birth abortion...does not save a single human life.") Flatly contrary to the vast public consensus, our PBA prediction completely contradicted the abortion industry's apoplexy and the "pro-life" movement's elation.


  1. Updated May 7, 2018 Confirmed Dinosaur Soft Tissue Predictions; Orphan Gene and Asteroid Predictions! The dozens of confirmed creation science predictions documented.

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