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SAXException; public class XMLReader DOM In real life, it’s not a bad idea to validate XML file before parsing it to objects, learn how to validate XML against XSD in java.This document describes the use of the Xml Text Reader streaming API added to libxml2 in version 2.5.0 .Each def process Node(reader): print "%d %d %s %d %s" % (reader. Usual operations like XPath queries can be used on that reduced view of the document. Expand() # expand the subtree if node.xpath Eval("@id = 'Aho'"): # use XPath on it res = res node.serialize() if reader. = 1: # skip the subtree break; Note, however that the node instance returned by the Expand() call is only valid until the next Read() operation.

DOM Parser are good for small XML documents but since it loads complete XML file into memory, it’s not good for large XML files. In this tutorial we will read the XML file and parse it to create object from it.

The function is of constant cost if the input is UTF-8 but can be costly if run on non-UTF-8 input. It does not clean up parser state, it cleans up memory allocated by the library itself. It tries to reclaim all related global memory allocated for the library processing. One should call xml Cleanup Parser() only when the process has finished using the library and all XML/HTML documents built with it.

See also xml Init Parser() which has the opposite function of preparing the library for operations.

This is very simple and quite powerful, but has the major limitation that the size of the document that can be hamdled is limited by the size of the memory available.

Libxml2 also provide a SAX based API, but that version was designed upon one of the early expat version of SAX, SAX is also not formally defined for C.


  1. Libxml2 XmlTextReader Interface tutorial. This document describes the use of the XmlTextReader streaming API added to libxml2 in version 2.5.0. This API.

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