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A/N This Story is a revision of my story Alien Friendship. Infected while retrieving supplies, she finds her life and perspective of things utterly shattered.My friend and I were playing Minecraft one day, when Herobrine pulled us through into the game. Story got taken down, but I brought it back, and some chapters will be different from the last one. Now fighting to retain her humanity, she seeks out her friends... A long time ago, a 10 year old boy found the most unlikely friends in his life.They promptly bring him to the hospital where he awakens frightened & alone.To help him adjust to their world, Applejack volunteers to take 'Cougar' in at her farm.Someone will now take the seat as leader of Rapture only this time he has created something that is more vicious to his enemies than a Big Sister, yet something is different about these new protectors. He'd been sent to the Little Wonders Orphanage just like a lot of kids. R&R please)A Boy we all call Engie "Aka Andrew Sorrow" He's around 18 And He Fixes Big Daddies For a Living or...

Eleanor, his daughter is gone, taken from him by some monster of a woman. But none of that matters when he is caught, for he finds out something more disturbing as to what he becomes... (Part Two)With Delta's escape, Rapture has become a place where the only life that matters is your own.

I am Kekistan, because no one thought doesn't matter. Because Kakistan is a inside joke, that we can all partake in. Two Protectors born from the ambitions of Greed and the Flames of War, with no Family to serve and no purpose in Life. Can they survive the trials of a dying City long enough for them to find the answers they seek, or will the weight of the Ocean crush them under heel as it has so many others?

After tragedy strikes, Blake Marshall finds himself faced with a choice; go with the two mysterious beings offering him a second chance among their people, or allow his story to end.

A school popular for its snot-nosed kids, corrupt prefects, and awful teachers. As the light faded on the outside world Mike banished all the fear and worry he'd been feeling from his mind. Will he be successful, or will he fail like the night guards before him? CSTPhones a 18 year old teenager who is still in high school is thrusted into a job he never heard of except on a newspaper ad.. A six year old human boy is transported to Equestria by accident, he will need a home. All the characters mentioned, besides John Fitzgerald, Belong to Scott Cawthon along with any other game reference. Eventually, he'll fall for a girl, who isn't even human.

He was home with the ones who loved him and whom he loved in return, the nightmare was over. Everyone needs shelter, protection and love to live a happy life, but who could love a predator from another world? Ships: John Fitzgerald (Head Engineer and my OC) x Nightmare Bonnie, Gabe (me) x Goldie, Freddy x Foxy, P. However, underneath the skin, a she-being plans on stealing Mike for herself. (Warning: Rape)Years of torture pass by: Everyone is against Foxy, even his past love, Mangle.


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