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Robert whitelaw carbon dating

We, as people or as students, are expected to accept (lock, stock, & barrel) the information given us by our superiors (teachers and others in academia) and we are to have blind faith on what is presented to us.And in many instances, if you should raise questions or challenge such things presented to you, or perhaps in research/term papers you take an opposing view, there is the potential for academic suicide (which is an intended future blog post.) If you value your grades you will acquiesce and play the game, but if you value your position (as being a point of principle) you will stand your ground all the while you see your academic career plummet.Most of such scientists will refer to the mutations and changes of on bacterium to another, but that is the case isn’t it?Bacterium changing to bacterium is not a change in kind or species…it remains a bacterium.But it decays so quickly—with a half-life of only 5,730 years—that none is expected to remain in fossils after only a few hundred thousand years.Yet carbon-14 has been detected in “ancient” fossils—supposedly up to hundreds of millions of years old—ever since the earliest days of radiocarbon dating.1 Even if every atom in the whole earth were carbon-14, they would decay so quickly that no carbon-14 would be left on earth after only 1 million years.Both fossils are claimed by strata dating to be 112–120 million years old but yielded radiocarbon ages of only thousands of years.Even that is too old when you realize that these ages assume that the earth’s magnetic field has always been constant.

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All contained radiocarbon.2 Further, analyses of fossilized wood and coal samples, supposedly spanning 32–350 million years in age, yielded ages between 20,000 and 50,000 years using carbon-14 dating.3 Diamonds supposedly 1–3 billion years old similarly yielded carbon-14 ages of only 55,000 years.4 A sea creature, called an ammonite, was discovered near Redding, California, accompanied by fossilized wood.Our job is to present the information and let the Holy Spirit and God and Jesus do their thing! We are just assistants or tools to accomplish certain things in this scenario. Carbon-14 (or radiocarbon) is a radioactive form of carbon that scientists use to date fossils.While it is a proven fact that germs, bacterium, and the like can and will mutate.Not one scientist can show an observable instance where the Darwinian Evolutionary process has occurred where something morphed from one kind or species to another.People will use all they have at their fingertips in order to prove what they want you to believe.And even the NAZIs believed that if you tell a lie big enough and long enough that the people will eventually believe it.The Darwinianists cannot find the, so-called, missing link.That jump from one species of humanoid-like to human being.Anthropologists, archaeologists, among others rely on other information in order to calculate the age of a demised animal, dinosaur, etc. According to Roma Panganiban, The short answer to the question “how long does DNA last?” is complicated, and determined by a number of unpredictable factors such as weather and the organism’s final resting place.


  1. Carbon-14 in Fossils, Coal, and Diamonds. yielded ages between 20,000 and 50,000 years using carbon-14 dating.3 Diamonds supposedly 1. Robert L. Whitelaw

  2. So when objects of known historical dates are dated using radiocarbon dating, we find that carbon-14 dates are accurate back to only about. Robert L. Whitelaw.

  3. Radioactive dating has been wrecked on rocks of known ages. Carbon-14 is produced by cosmic rays and nitrogen high up in the atmosphere. Robert Whitelaw.

  4. Validity of radio carbon dating. Is carbon dating reliable? responses. Robert whitelaw has done a very good job illustrating this theory using about 30,000 dates.

  5. Robert I Whitelaw is an experienced and respected divorce attorney who represents clients in the Philadelphia area, the Main Line, Montgomery, Delaware, Bucks and Chester counties and throughout Pennsylvania.

  6. Is carbon dating reliable. Radioactive dating. Professor robert whitelaw was both possible. Free carbon dating can you for wood used to determine the accuracy.

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