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“See you Tuesday.” Justin said looking at Alicia who was reading a book she had brought with her from home. “I know, its just that I needed to ask you something…something not class-related.” He said, feigning embarrassment and looking down. He then pulled out his phone and disengaged the transmitter. “Be safe, don’t do anything stupid.” “I won’t, have fun dad.” “You too.” Paul hung up and smiled as the bobbing head of his 28-year-old Asian lab assistant could be seen as she looked at him with her dark, almond-shaped eyes, she was an expert cocksucker, the main reason he kept her around.

‘God she looks so damn hot in those little glasses.’ Justin thought and smiled as he turned the transmitter on, concealed in his i Phone. “Well…of course you can talk to me about anything Justin.” Alicia said with genuine concern. “That son of mine is a chip off the old block.” He said and smiled as he filled his assistant’s mouth with a huge wad of hot cum.

“Well…ummm…sex…sex is something…sexxxxxxxx…ummm…sorry what was I saying? “I don’t want…to…” “That’s okay Alicia, lets just adjust this.” Justin said as he increased the level of intensity to seven on the transmitter. She was still clad in her clothes from school, though they were a mess. “Justin, please I-“ Her sentence was cut off by a hard slap to the face. I’m…I’m your teacher.” “You still will be, until I graduate. He undid the buttons on her jacket and blouse as well as her pants. She hated herself for feeling such pleasure, and immediately thereafter, she began to sob. Life as a completely brainwashed sex slave isn’t so bad…I guess, actually, I have no idea.” Justin laughed as he removed her bra and lightly pushed her onto her couch. He placed a pair of specially designed glasses on his head and put the disk into the DVD player.” Alicia asked looking at the teen who was beaming now. Justin sat back and watched the hapless cougar for a few minutes until her eyes drooped almost halfway closed and her jaw was totally slack. ” She said loudly as she began to breathe heavier and heavier, a look of obedience as well as lust clouding her eyes. You fantasize about me, a seventeen year old boy bending you over your desk and ramming my big hard cock into your slick, silken pussy? “I told you what my name is cunt, to you, its ‘sir.’ Are you incapable of understanding that!? Then you might be the live-in fuckdoll for me at college. He tore them off Alicia, as she stood in a bright red demi bra which matched her thong, Justin eagerly popped one of her amazing tits out and caressed it, pinching the nipple gently. “Now here is the fun part honey.” Justin said to Alicia who looked at him in terror.‘This cougar was a lot easier than I had thought.’ Justin thought. ” “Having sex with my…students.” “Its not having sex Alicia, what is it really? “So Alicia, what do you fantasize about me driving into you? “All you can do is watch the TV.” Justin cooed, caressing his teacher’s beautiful face, he slipped a set of ear buds into her ears and connected them to his i Phone.“You were telling me about whether you fantasized about your students Alicia. He picked the track titled “Alicia Enslaved #1” and pressed play as the TV screen erupted into a flurry of pulsing squares and circles in a variety of hues.You don’t mind me calling you Alicia when we’re alone or not at school.” Justin told, didn’t ask, told her. The screen’s seemingly random images were of course meticulously designed to break down resistance and create an attitude of complete subservience and obedience.“No, you can call me Alicia.” The MILF said dreamily. Justin had actually aided his father’s research in this regard.His father was older, he didn’t know shit about i Phones, DVD burning, etc.To Justin, women were objects, objects of pleasure, objects of want, nothing more. Alicia complied, and it was only a few seconds before her masturbation caused her to shiver and scream with a massive orgasm.The only problem, was how to make them truly objects, obedient, sexually submissive and wholly available objects…Then Justin had it, well, with his father’s help and guidance. Justin rose, his rock hard cock dripping pre-cum as he approached the hot MILF and pulled her to him, kissing her passionately and roughly as he thrust his cock into her drenched pussy. ” Alicia screamed in blind pleasure as the young stud jackhammered his cock into her quivering cunt “You’ve got me turned on Alicia.” Justin panted, kissing her again. ” He smiled evilly, the busty blonde was babbling incoherently, the transmitter in the pocket might be the cause, then again she was extremely repressed.Justin had enabled his father to create programs and the ability to subdue captives using technology which was hand-held, instead of warehouse-sized and was cheaper, relying on a lot more off-the shelf technology rather than customized electronics.Justin looked down at Alicia, staring blankly at the screen breathing increasingly heavily and blinking on occasion, no other signs of life were evident…unless…


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