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Sean avery dating andy cohen

There was a lot of discussion here about the two of them being more than friends.

Bravo television executive Andy Cohen shot down rumors that he’s engaged to former NHL star Sean Avery, insisting that the well-known athlete is “very, very straight.”Cohen, who is openly gay, was approached this week by a TMZ cameraman, who offered him “congratulations” on his rumored engagement to Avery. “A gay guy and a straight guy should be able to be friends without you asking me if we’re engaged.He also made derogatory comments about other players dating his sloppy seconds.After a rocky breakup from his hockey career he announced his retirement in 2012 on Watch What Happens Live.No word on exactly what drug is suspected but it seems to aggravate his hair-trigger temper. Within a few weeks of that comment by Andy, Avery proposed to his girlfriend, Hilary.Last time this happened in September, Andy Cohen was asked if they were a couple by TMZ and Andy replied, ” “Sean Avery is STRAIGHT. So a gay guy and a straight guy should be able to be friends. Hilary is a high-demand model who last I checked was in Paris.When asked by a Twitter follower if the Avery rumors were true, Cohen responded by telling the fan to “ask [Sean Avery].”Meanwhile, Avery addressed the rumors by posting a screencap of The Fame Driven’s photos to Instagram, accompanied by the caption “#Busted.” The post was eventually deleted.'Real Housewives' creator Andy Cohen wants to make it absolutely clear -- he is NOT engaged to ex-hockey star Sean Avery, and he's just a really good friend. with whom he takes lots of shirtless pics, and would love to bang.Their relationship seems to consist of a whole lot of social media interaction between two continents focused on their “true love.” By the way, how do you guys like Kathy Bates as the bearded lady on American Horror Story this season? For some reason her character just popped into my head. The only thing that is verified is that Sean Avery had a giant meltdown two days before his Broadway premiere and is no longer part of the show. I suppose we shall wait and see if someone comes forward to the tabloids in the next few days. Last I checked Toronto is not actually IN Europe, but it does sort of have a European feel… It was a convenient story because Avery and Cohen have been friends for quite some time, Cohen is openly gay and Avery supports marriage equality.Basically, anyone looking for some cheap web traffic based on a vague and empty scandal could have fired out this story, and I’m kind of upset that it wasn’t me.


  1. Oct 31, 2017. Former NHL player Sean Avery opens up about his coarse comments about ex-girlfriend actress Elisha Cuthbert and says how watching a recent episode #RHOA open. Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

  2. Nov 14, 2013. Andy Cohen Had The Best Response To Sean Avery's Engagement To. for good, because Avery and his girlfriend and model Hilary Rhoda.

  3. Nov 6, 2014. Andy Cohen's Very Straight Boyfriend, Sean Avery, Is Melting Down. He also made derogatory comments about other players dating his.

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