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Sensual spirit dating

Today was an absolutely gorgeous late spring day..sunny, warm, but not hot, and with a cool breeze.

And this little green gem is the scent I chose to wear. I didn't expect it it, but I was told by many of my husbands co-workers that I smelled great, one even used the word "lovely". I really enjoy this version..more than the two previous.

This fragrance could 100% be unisex on the right person. Ad G is very simple and clean, and I would highly recommend the scent to anyone; however, I'd be wary with how much you spray due to the fact that three sprays on each wrist and once on each side of my collarbone could have been a contributing factor to a headache I got while wearing it.

It never smelled like a mojito on my friend, though I can see that happening for others if the mint was more prominent on their skin. In short: beautiful fragrance, but over-sprayers beware!

Each year they host a PGA tour event and this is the second year I have gone to watch cute golfers/hang out/day drink with my favorite golf enthusiast.

Much to the chagrin of my hubs..tolerates my ever growing collection, but very rarely tells me if he like the way I smell. The mint and lemon make it oh so fresh and inviting. As a novice, this to me smells very generic, like one of the "perfume" archetypes from when I was younger: synthetic, unoffensive, but unappealing to me entirely. Mojito vibes for sure but actually a very SAFE office scent.

Acqua di Gioia is a perfect spring and summer scent but she is a fleeting one. At first I thought I could pick out individual notes but it quickly dissolved into scent-mush on me. I think this would be perfect for after-workout and even for a stroll in the park. This perfume is in my wish list, it's fresh and sweet at the same time. My friend, who loves Chanel Chance, loves when I wear this. It smells a bit synthetic sometimes, but mostly that's when it's a sticky, hot day or a musty, wet fall day. And then after the party over, there's left sweet smelling woody (cedar i guess?

Acqua di Gioia was created by three perfumers: Loc Dong, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion, who see it as Eve's seduction and as fragrance turned completely towards the nature. Today I finally tested it and fell in love with it's strong, fresh aquatic nature which has no stingy, sharp notes in it, no melon and no water lily (I am tired of those). It's fresh, clean and feminine, yet it's not too sweet, so you won't feel it's only meant for teens.

The perfume can be purchased as 30, 50 and 100 ml EDP, along with 200 ml body lotion. At the same it still has a youthfulness that makes it easily wearable for teens as well.


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