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I think these women should just forget about marriage and have a good time. If you want to get these guys, you have to keep your mouth shut and play by the rules.(Freeze frame, subtitles read: Capote Duncan, Publishing Executive – Toxic Batchelor) (Cut to Miranda picking up salad in a delicatessen) MIRANDA: I have a friend, who’s always gone out with extremely sexy guys and just had a good time. (Freeze frame, subtitles read: Charlotte York – Art dealer – Unmarried woman) (Cut to Skippers apartment) SKIPPER: I totally believe that love conquers all. Don’t you have any friends that you can hook me up with? He was one of the city’s most ‘ungettable’ bachelors CHARLOTTE: Wait, don’t even answer that question because frankly I don’t care and another thing I’m not buying into any of that women having sex like men crap CARRIE: (To camera) I didn’t want to tell her about my afternoon of cheap and easy sex and how good it felt. Listen, have a good time and promise to tell me everything CHARLOTTE: Well if you’re lucky!

By the time you’re an eligible man in your thirties you feel like you’re being devoured by women. I call it a mid-thirties power flip (Freeze frame, subtitles read: Peter Mason – Advertising Executive – Toxic Batchelor) MAN 2: It’s all about age and Biology.

(Pan to NY street during the day Carrie is walking down the street) CARRIE: (Voice-Over) There are thousands, maybe tens of thousands of women like this in the city. They travel, they pay taxes, they’ll spend 0 on a pair of Minolo Blahnik strappy sandals and they’re alone.

(Carrie picks up newspaper) To camera: It’s like the riddle of the Sphinx.

CARRIE: 72nd Street and 3rd Avenue (Cut to inside the car) BIG: Have you got that Al? CARRIE: Well, this is my work, I'm sort of a sexual anthropologist BIG: You mean like a hooker?

AL: (Driver) Yes, sir BIG: So, what have you been doing lately? (They both smile) CARRIE: No, I write a column called Sex and the City.


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