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Similar to literotica chat

She watched closely as Jon's pace quickened on Sow 37. She seemed to be moaning and grinding her hips back to meet his deep thrusts. The double doors boomed open and into another room Mr. This room was different from the one will all the stalls. Doctor Allen this is Amanda James a reporter from the big city doing a story on our little operation." Mr. Amanda looked at the middle aged man in the white lab coat and shook his hand.

Soon his pushed deep and held inside the woman and her breeding session was complete. " Jon said as he withdrew his member and rose from his knees. Came all the way of here to check out our farm and I'm giving her a friendly tour." Mr. It was almost clinical with while tile floors and white walls. They exchanged pleasantries and the doctor turned to the three new specimens hanging from the wall. They were all in some state of unconsciousness while two were still dressed in street clothes like Amanda but the third wore a familiar attire.

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Amanda recognized it from the slave auction she had witnessed the week before. Amanda shuddered at the thought of these men "evaluating" her for her potential as a breeding slave. She was definitely becoming aroused at the thought. Well keep it very professional." The doctor chimed in." "It's all part of the fantasy my dear." He said as the pair neared the farmhand who was performing the duties of stud for Sow 37."I'm sure even you have some fantasies that you'd like to live out.Some might even include different forms of bondage." He turned to her and winked. She was no prude and had spent several hours browsing though her own sexual fantasies online. James, you'll get to see the whole process from volunteer to hucow." He said placing his hand on the small of Amanda's back and ushering her past the hucow pens and towards double doors in the back of the large barn.She began thinking who was she to judge these women for being into lactation, breeding and bondage. Watching them processed would make for one hell of a story." The man said as he pulled his jeans back up. Amanda sheepishly allowed herself to be led deeper into the human dairy's operation. He is responsible for the health, well being and processing of our Hucows.She drove up to the large farmhouse and opened her car door to step into the fresh country air.It was still summer and the warm sun felt good on her skin.Amanda James' small Prius drove down the long well worn state highway.She looked down at her open laptop in the seat next to her and the story she had finished just three days before.White Slave Ring Exposed was the headline she had chosen.Amanda had been undercover and worked her way into some pretty deep white slavery circles and even got to witness a female slave auction for her story.


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  3. Literotica, Anyone know any good free eroitc chat rooms like the one on literotica.com? I used to enjoy useing that chat room but my house mate used my log in one day and got me banned. Now i can't get on the web site and have yet to find another thats as good that you don't have to pay for or spend forever signing up to.

  4. He was greeted with an image of a young blonde lady, her breasts exposed and she was wearing a thong bikini, he opened the next one and it was a similar image now zoomed in on the breast; the pics were taken with a camera phone in a mirror. Graham studied the pics his eyes drawn to the large brown areola with the cute light brown nipple in the.

  5. But what i am looking for converse sites similar to literotica and on here is a relationship. I have a big personality with lots of passions and want someone who has their own passions, personality.

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