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Sweet beginnings dating jill elliott

Jill is a professional and has been offering highly personalized matchmaking for about 30 years. For the reasonable rate charged, she provides 110% hands-on support and effort all through the process including follow-ups, date coaching and more.

Instead of an online application, you meet one-on-one with Jill in a relaxed atmosphere where you work together to define your preferences. Based on experience, I highly recommend Sweet Beginnings and Jill to anyone seriously seeking to find that someone special.

i was shocked by what i had heard and then she said to me that she had told me how it worked on the phone which she absolutely did not tell me any details.

she doesn't stop talking cuz she wants to make the sale.

Cons: none What a horrible experience I had with this company. DO NOT USE THEM OR RECOMMEND THEM UNLESS TO YOU WORST ENEMY Cons: ZERO RATING......... HORRIFIC Dealing with Jill is like dealing with a family member. Unlike most dating services who take your money and could care less afterwords, she is always in touch with you and always wants to know how things are going. While other dating services want thousands her introductory plan was only 9.

Moreover Jill is an extremely kind, caring person who goes out of her way to provide top level service to her clients.

she was nice initially and then she became verbally abusive to me, leaving a voicemail (You are an ASS) How unprofessional and she is a "marriage counselor? She told me that she had many more men than women than men but as i read on another review that it is the opposite.

To think i was recommending her to a friend of mine. even the free internet dating sites are better than dealing with her. The owner kept calling me after i had made a call to inquire.

After having dealt with Jill, it is readily apparent that she truly cares about her clients and takes enormous pride in her work.

Her fees are drasticly lower than other agencies which do not provide one half of the service that Jill offers.


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  2. Dating Service in Levittown. JILL ELLIOT. Sweet Beginnings Introduction Service has received 0 out of 5 stars based on 0 Customer Reviews and a BBB.

  3. Jill Elliot at Sweet Beginnings is kind, caring, empathetic, romantic and else could you want in a dating coach or matchmaker?If you are single, and between the ages of 40 and 75, and are. looking for love, Jill is your best choice!

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  5. Get the inside info on Sweet Beginnings. I met Jill Elliott - the owner of Sweet Beginnings Dating Service. the owner of Sweet Beginnings Dating Service and.

  6. Sweet beginnings dating jill elliott. business and is definitely worth a look if a guy average sweet beginnings jill elliott. Murray Planning Associates Ltd.

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