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A recent study* of undergraduates who had served as peer TAs found that those who went on to become graduate TAs were more comfortable in that graduate TA role.In general, peer TAs in this study rated the experience as being very beneficial, particularly when they had a relatively high level of responsibility in their peer TA positions.*The full research study citation is Weidert, J., Wendorf, A., Gurung, R., & Filz, T. A survey of graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants.We encourage faculty to limit Peer TA grading duties to smaller-stakes and formative assignments - such as minute papers, discussion posts, or attendance points – rather than high-stakes or complex grading tasks.Peer TAs enable faculty to engage in more active pedagogies and provide needed support for the frequent graded work that is typical of FYLI courses. Research in social and cognitive psychology strongly suggests that having a relatable role model – such as a fellow undergraduate student – is particularly powerful for increasing student motivations and feelings of self-efficacy.Auntie is out today, so we're bringing you a vintage post from the Auntie vault!

I know that TAs are different at every university and some have graduate student TAs. But, again, he's my TA and I don't know how to flirt with him given that we are in lab full of other people and I'm always by my lab partner. And the good news, my darling Sparkler, is that there's nothing wrong with that.

As SAC leadership, we are reviewing possibilities of refining the policy recommendation.

This policy is yet to go through reviews of different offices and is not adopted for now.

The University Senate adopted a resolution on Friday proposing a ban on all relationships between faculty and undergraduates.

Any relationship between “officers of instruction, research, administration, and the libraries,” “graduate students with appointments as student officers of instruction and research,” and “graduate teaching assistants, postdoctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants, and tutors, during any period of time they are teaching, advising or supervising an undergraduate student” must be reported to the Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Office (EOAA).


  1. The database is comprehensive with records dating back to 1900. Students who have met the requirements for an award but have not had it conferred will not.

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