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Too busy for online dating

After a year, a nice guy at a State Park helped me load my kayak onto my car and asked me out.I’m a sucker for guys who are willing to carry things, so I said yes and we dated for a couple of months.Some, I saw only once, but most were interesting or amusing enough that we went out at least twice.Let’s compare this to the men I met in person: the golf course manager who was a friend of a friend, the guy who carried my kayak and a guy I know from work who is much older than me and a bit lonely.I’ve dated tall guys, short guys, round guys, skinny guys, a juice-maker, an accountant, a psychologist, a developer, a guy who runs his truck with vegetable oil from the Chinese place across from his house, sci-fi fans, Christians, Jews, atheists, Ph Ds, and pot-smokers.I developed two serious relationships, one with talk of marriage.When your life is full of responsibilities and commitments, you might feel it’s only fair that you opt out of the dating scene.

Your busyness will make you a low-maintenance partner who’s not needy or demanding. Look for partners you can do things with – for example, if you both enjoy going to the gym, you could make your gym classes a time to further connect with them.

Because I at least had a conversation with them all before going out with them, I did go out with all of these guys more than once.

But serious relationship material, these men were not. Meeting new people on the Internet has enriched my life.

When that relationship ended (amicably, I might add), I was 26 and my once single friends were spending weekends picking out paint chips instead of going out with me!

), in shape, have an interesting job, have interesting hobbies and tons of friends. I had a serious live-in boyfriend for several years in my early twenties, and so, while my single friends were out meeting men in bars and partying, I was picking out paint chips in Home Depot and installing new light fixtures in the house.


  1. Mar 4, 2018. But at the same time, the internet is filled with online dating horror stories. by the “mystery man” who tells you he is too busy after the first date.

  2. Mar 31, 2017. Let's All Cut The Bullshit We're Never Too Busy To Fall In Love. And a month later, as I predicted, he's dating a girl back east and is gone for weeks at a time. He messaged me online a couple weeks before and since he.

  3. Apr 30, 2015. Ladies and gentleman, if a person you're interested in says “they're too busy” myself included and “hasn't had time. “.

  4. When people say, “I'm too busy to date!”, it's never that. Online dating gives you the freedom to look for love from the office, your mobile, the gym – anywhere.

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