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U720 modem updating

And there are some known limitations: The big one is that the card speed is limited to the speed of the Generic USB driver around 500kbps. I will be posting to this as I get it working, which should be in the next couple days.

However, if by chance someone reading this post has actually got it working in Slackware 11.0 or Slamd64 11.0 let me know.

With the latest WWAN Support Update, we didn't even need the VZAccess Manager software to connect to Internet.

This is good news for 13" Mac Book owners, They don't have an Express Card slot like the Mac Book Pro, so the USB based U720 is their salvation for a 3G EV-DO solution. The bulky USB modem protrudes 3.5 inches when plugged directly into the USB port and tilts downward, potentially stressing and/or bending it.

Do the new modems get a faster connection or anything else? Thank you Gina PS It has been a great 2 years with Sprint Mobile broadband and I came from Direcway/(they were terrible)Gina, no, the current cards will offer NO performance upgrade over your current card. We actually have some of the newer ones priced pretty low without a contract extention if you want, but...

These dual mode cards will work about 4 times faster than than the current ones while in wimax areas and then go back to your regular speeds everywhere else.

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But that wouldn't stop us from trying non-portables.

you'll need to add 'usepeerdns' to the options file as well as set the correct modem as /dev/tty USB0.

my pppd never updates the /etc/resolv.conf, luckily usepeerdns prints the primary and secondary dns's so you can copy them.

They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own.

Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free. I did a search for the Sprint Novatel Wireless Ovation u720, since I just bought one and wanted to get it working with Slack, and found a few scraps here and there but nothing essential. In fact it only throws around names like Ubuntu, Knoppix, Fedora, Open Suse, etc.


  1. If I upgrade to Professional, will it resolve my issues with my Sprint Novatel Ovation U720 USB modem.which by the way since the update.

  2. Across a Novatel U720 on Sprint and a Novatel MiFi 2200 on Virgin. I had previously used a 3G USB modem on the Sprint network through reseller Millenicom. Update! As noted in the comments, CradlePoint suggests.

  3. Novatel Wireless U720 USB Modem. Fredericton11/06/2018. check it out at https//ca/Mobility/Rate_plans_features/Mobile-Connect-software#.

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