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Updating firmware dap1150

Unfortunately, there's only one way to fix a problem with a router that has a vulnerability enbedded in it's firmware.

You'll need to update the firmware, assuming that a newer version exists that fixes your problem.

In other words, that router has a known vulnerability that's embedded in it's firmware.

The problem will continue to be there unless newer firmware from the vendor that fixes the problem is loaded onto the router.

If Router Check says that it looked up a vulnerability for your router, it means that the vulnerability was found for your router's model in a database of known vulnerabilities.

Whether your router in particular is vulnerable to this problem depends on certain factors: the most important being the version of the firmware.

This is standard practice in the industry, and people agree that the system works well.

BInnbox G2400 Series Sagemcom F @ ST1744NSagemcom F @ ST2304v2Sagemcom F @ ST3804RTP-LINK TD-8840 (Wired)ZTE Callisto 821 R3 (wired)- Netcam Firmware: Marmitek Netcam (wireless camera)TRENDnet TV-IP312W (Wireless Camera)TRENDnet TV-IP422W (Wireless Camera)- NETGEAR: DG834B (wired)DG834GBDG834PNBDGN1000BDGN3500BWG602v3- Open Wrt Lu CI: TP-LINK TL-MR3020 v1TP-LINK TL-WR741NDTP-LINK TL-WR741N / ND v1TP-LINK TL-WR841N / ND v8- Realtek Broadband: TOTOLINK N300RTV- Sercomm: RV6688BCM- SI2000: Callisto821 (wired)- Thomson: ST5A.37.04STB6.07.03.

The media reported on this problem and claimed that there were over 12 million routers out there that were susceptable to the problem. Simple - it came from the researcher who scanned the entire internet looking for routers with this problem, and he found 12 million of them.

If a security researcher can find that many vulnerable routers, the hackers can't be that far behind.

So what's the real risk to you if you have some known vulnerability? It's hard to say - actually it depends on the vulnerability found.

Some vulnerabilities are just really bad annoyances - others allow the takeover of your entire network.


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