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Validating the acceptability of a software product

One of the most important things to remember here is that you can’t take the number of followers for face value.It’s easy these days to purchase thousands of even tens of thousands of fake (robot) followers inexpensively on services like Fiverr.Looking at the same account mentioned above on Status People returned the following results: Traffic and backlinks can be an indicator of overall competitive strength and success in the market.Although it's not possible to know the exact amount of traffic a particular website receives, there are tools that help you gauge the approximate amount of traffic a site gets, along with the number of backlinks pointing to it.All of their posts and status updates have almost no interaction on them.

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Therefore if you're looking for information on relatively new competitors, there may not be traffic information available yet.

Coming up with a product idea for your new online business can be difficult. These are common questions you’ll ask yourself at some point in your journey.

More difficult still is building the confidence to make the jump and go through with your idea once you do have one. Truth be told, you’ll never know with 100% certainty how well your product idea will do until you actually open up shop.

However, by validating your product idea before jumping in head first, you can mitigate risk and build confidence in your idea before investing too much time and money.

In this post, we will look at a five strategies you can use right now to validate your product ideas. You’re in all likelihood not the first person selling your particular product online.


  1. By validating your product idea before jumping in head first. 5 Strategies To Validate Your Product Ideas. Point of sale Features Hardware POS software.

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