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What does intimidating

I never heard a guy in college say to me, "wow, you're so smart! I never considered the impact of a guy's peers on his sense of intimidation, though. On the flip side, it was easier for me to be myself around those guys, and not feel like I had to "dumb down" my personality just to be able to have social contacts.For me personally, in high school/college, I only felt intimidated by guys who I felt were smarter than me, or who I felt would never give me the time of day (older, or more popular, or whatever).

You're welcome to do as you please, but women shouldn't act like they should still be able to attract high quality men when they do things men are commonly not attracted to. I'm actually more attracted to women a lot of people call intimidating. But it definitely doesn't mean she's unnatractive. The women either has to be way out of his league or be on steroids. Far more likely is that the word is used out of place. That's men who aren't socially forward and have a barrier to approaching women... Guys that age tend to be really, really insecure, and are afraid of rejection. I'm not saying hide your intelligence or otherwise distort your personality, just be more conscious of the kinds of behaviors that put people at ease. When I went to college (engineering school) and was surrounding by lots of smart guys, suddenly I was deluged with attention, which I found overwhelming and didn't really handle well.

Would you be intimidated if you said you like Adam and ALL your girlfriends said 'oh god yeah, Adam is sexy as hell'?

My point about the engineering school was not that guys were more confident, less insecure, etc, but that they were more similar to me.

I like men of all ages, though I can only really be in a relationship with someone who I feel more-or-less equal with.

And that is usually more about personality, interests, intelligence, and life stage than it is about age.


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