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Who is kelly from the game dating in real life

Make sure you maintain individuality in the relationship." Spending time apart will foster a sense of balance in the relationship.Ripa makes no secret that, after twenty-plus years together, she still has a crush on Consuelos.She told Marlo Thomas in 2013, "I've had a crush on him since the day I met him.I think having a crush on someone is important." Hershenson suggests incorporating dating rituals into a marriage.in 2010, "When you marry somebody, you really are life partners. So we feel things very deeply for each other." With Consuelos' support, Ripa agreed to join Regis Philbin on in 2001, despite her worries. Ripa expressed her deep gratitude to Consuelos, sharing that he is a wonderful husband and father. I just sort of tell him that every day or at least I try to tell him that every day." This type of appreciation can lead to a meaningful bond for couples.Hershenson offers a gratitude practice for couples, "Each partner should find three things they are grateful for each day about his or her partner and share it with them.

Text your partner in the middle of the day to let them know you're thinking of them. Kiss them goodbye and say you can't wait to see them later." Dating can be fun and there is no reason why dating rituals need to stop when a couple marries.

Over the years, they have shared the secrets to their happy union. Asking your partner how they are doing sometimes without even sharing your own personal issues allows you to be completely available to them." The partnership will deepen if both members feel they can lean on their partner during times of self doubt or insecurity.

I spoke with therapist Kimberly Hershenson about Ripa and Consuelos' marriage and the positive takeaways from their marital success. Ripa adores Consuelos and sang his praises when she was interviewed by Marlo Thomas in 2012.

Ripa and Consuelos continue to be super adorable and gush over each other, even after two plus decades of marriage. Hopefully they continue to share their fun, spontaneous, romantic love moments so that fans can take notes on what makes a strong marriage.

The moment that Kelly Travis and her entourage glide onto the King Duke patio, a red-faced, middle-aged man offers a round of drinks.


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