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Even in the offseason, Jefferson shared hilarious content. He wasn’t supposed to share it and wound up deleting the Snaps within hours, but many had already screenshot it.Oh and also, the leaked photo wound up really being the actual design the Cavs used.They probably all wondered what happened to Richy boy!I recommend Lastly, we will tell you the tale of Richard Jefferson’s wife.Her name is Teresa Lourenco and she became Richard Jefferson’s wife before the marriage fiasco with Kesha. Miss Lourenco became a model in the 90’s and won an award called “Best New Face” in 1996.She also won an International Design Award for “Best New Generation Model.” I don’t know what that means, but I guess she’s a big deal!

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Lil Kev was introduced to fans through Jefferson’s Snapchat, then ESPN wrote a story about him, and now he has his own Instagram. Cleveland, of course, lost to the Chicago Cubs, but before that happened, Jefferson got Charlie Sheen on his Snap.

In such key states as Ohio and Iowa, Trump soundly defeated Hillary with landslide margins as wide as 9 percent, carrying working class voters that previously voted for Barack Obama, whom Democrats now openly derided as "deplorable racists." While, the margins within several tipping point states as Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania (Trump wins), and New Hampshire (Clinton won) had margins around or less than one percent, just providing now-President Trump the needed electoral votes to win the presidency.

Trump's promises to crack down on illegal immigration and "repeal and replace Obamacare" were central campaign themes.

When the Cavaliers went to the White House to meet President Barack Obama, Jefferson threw up a few Snaps on his account, including this one what raised some eyebrows (he later explained what he meant by “the last team).

Well, we will give you a history of his relationships since he dated many women over the course of his NBA career. It’s possible he knew others we don’t know about because his career spans sixteen years.


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