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Woman dating short man tips Reallifecam mobi

When all men were hunters, dating the tallest one was a wise option. If you’re short and think you can ignore your wardrobe, it’s a mistake.

A taller man was a stronger man, a better hunter, and a better provider. Following the biological choice now may come as an anachronism. You definitely can add a couple of inches if you make the right choices.

However, dating specialists say to blame biology and evolution, not women. Stylists and fashion specialists advise to shorten the sleeves and hem the pants.

Hopefully, you have a lot of options to impress the ladies despite your height. Extra fabric hanging around your wrists and ankles can emphasize that you’re short. You may not be tall but you can definitely make an impression of a well-shaped man.

You may not be kind or humble only because you’re not as tall as others. Good, it means that a woman may be more open to you.

You definitely have a lot of qualities greater than height.

The statistics also suggested that shorter men make women more secure about their own imperfections.

The same says short men make better husbands and are more successful in their work. Never be shy talking about sex if that is what she wants to talk about.

Remember that energy, dynamics, and enthusiasm are contagious.

Pay attention to what she says, how she looks, moves. The looks and moves are just as important as words.


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